Sunday, February 04, 2007

So Many Things to Play With!

Last weekend my mom went to the World of Pets Expo in Timonium, Maryland. Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue had a booth there, and mom was helping at the booth. There were vendors selling some really cool dog toys and mom brought me TWO! Here I am playing with them.

The blue toy is called The Leo. It's a really cool treat dispensing toy made by Canine Genius, which is fitting because, well, I'm a genius of course!

The other ball toy is called Nuts for Knots. It's a very durable hard knot ball. I love it! Of course, mom got me the largest size!

As if that wasn't enough, this morning mom and dad let me tear up a big cardboard box! It even had a cardboard divider in it! I had a blast!

Then I watched PuppyBowl III with mom and dad. You can vote for Most Valuable Puppy! We voted for Bomber the Samoyed. Go Northern Breeds! He is REALLY good at pouncing and wrestling!


  1. Wow Indy, you got great gifts!!! A toy that spits out treats AND a box to tear up! I love the videos of you tearing up that box. You sure look tough. Maybe you could show that to the Ao4 and they could worn Commander Bowie that is what could happen to him if he tries to take over for us dogs! I don't think he knows just how tough us doggies are, but you sure have great video of it!


  2. WOWZERS! Great action videos, Indy! I like the toy that gives you treats - I wonder if mom would get us one?
    Oooh, Holly's got a good idea about the vid as a warning to Bowie! Did you eat the cardboard or just spit it all over the living room?
    Play bows,

  3. I spit it out all over the living room! In the second video you can see me trying to spit a peice out but it was stuck on one of my teeth!

  4. Hey Indy,

    Didn't know you were once a stockdogs. I knows how those stockers hate boxes.

    And that Leo. That's cooools! Sorrys, I'm droolin'.



  5. Hi Indy! Wow, new toys and a whole box. Almost makes up for no snow. They say we're going to get some tonight, but I don't think so.
    A dogball is when you curl up in to your tiniest little ball to sleep. Seems to facinate the people on this end. Hey, even a Husky needs to relax and warm up sometimes.

  6. Oh my dogness! Cardboard!! That stuff is the best!!

  7. Hmmmm, a treat dispensing toy! That sounds like fun! I gotta get my mom to get me one of those.

  8. Those look like great fun to play with. Specially if the toy gives out treats.

    I like to play with cardboard too Indy. It's so much fun!

  9. Very cool new toys Indy! Looks like you gave that box the what for allright! Too bad it wasn't a kitty, wooooo!
    Face Licks, M&M