Thursday, August 11, 2005

Husky Howls Translated

Hello readers (a special hello to my husky readers)! Do your humans get confused when you howl? Do they start asking "What's wrong?" or "What do you want?" Many humans don't realize that Huskies talk and howl. This page has some really cool audio files of Husky howls and an explanation of each one, it's pretty neat! Also, feel free to sing along at home!


  1. Oh Indy you are so reserved. Get your mamma to record your special tricks that made you famous on teh David Letterman show. And our mutual Friend Astro can record how to cuss your humans out in Husky!
    yours truly Maxx
    (dont tell my mom i have learned to use the puter. She will start turning it off.

  2. Maxx! I see you and your foster brother have started a blog, that is cool! Huskies unite! Take over the blogging world!

    I will try to upload a soundbite of me saying "Hello" later tonight. For now, check out my latest post, it will make you laugh!