Monday, August 15, 2005

A Shout Out to My Brothers in Michigan!

I got a very nice compliment from Sarah in Michigan who says that she enjoys my blog. I hope her two Huskies, Fritz and Booker, enjoy my blog when nobody's home!
Here, Booker demonstrates the "be cute with a child" behavior that earns extra treats and affection.Fritz is trying to get in on the act, he wasn't born yesterday! Notice how the tip of his tongue is sticking out...
To the right, we can see how poor Fritz was forced to wear a silly, festive Christmas probably even has jingle bells on it like mine does! Poor Fritz puts on a good face...he's a good sport. However, I encourage Fritz to shred that Christmas collar and any other ridiculous costumes that his owners make him wear (no offense Sarah!) as a good Husky should! That is one of the cardinal rules of Huskydom - if your humans make you wear silly, embarassing hats,collars or other things, send them a message by ripping those things to peices!

Booker has done an excellent job of taking over some of the household furniture. According to his owner Sarah, this has become Booker's chair, and he does not like to be disturbed when he is in his chair. I encourage Booker, Fritz and all other Huskies to claim household furniture as their own. When claiming couches, love seats or beds, it's best to stretch out and take up as much room as possible. Also, you can "mark" furniture as yours by covering it with your hair. If the humans clean the furniture, cover it with your hair again. Soon they will just give up and stop using that peice of furniture, and it will be yours!


  1. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Indy, that is sweet. Thanks for the shout out. I really loved that christmas collar (mostly because it made noise an annoyed my dad), this year though my baby brother (who was 2 months old at the time), chewed the bells off.

    Also, you should have your mom talk my mom in to letting me and booker create our own blogs.

  2. Hi Indy,

    My older brother Fritz, likes to whine and complain about me, but he loves me. Before I came, he suffered from sever seperation anxiety, and would sit on my moms lap all the time. All 75 pds of him.

    We get a long great though. I am such a big boy and can wrestle him to the ground. I can also get in a tube, when we are on our boat and hang out in the water. Fritz just hides. He hates the water. If he could just realize that all the boaters think we are the most beautiful creatures ever, and you know what that means.....LOTS AND LOTS OF PEOPLE FOOD.

    Your new friend BOOKER.

  3. This blog is awesome. I Loved seeing my "grandchildren", Fitz and Boomer. They are so big now! Indy is so Cool! Great blog!!!!