Saturday, August 13, 2005

Yesterday Daddy picked up a small computer desk and put it together so that Mommy will always have room to work on her volunteer things and I can work on my blog!
Last night Daddy was setting the other computer up for Mommy, and he was cleaning it with a can that said "Dust Off" on it. It made a loud hissing sound that made me jump! I said "Owow." and Daddy said "Shhhhh, I'm not even spraying you with it!" So I quieted down. Then Mommy thought it was funny to spray me with it. It felt like I was getting squirted with water, but it was just air. She used it to blow my fur around and make me look funny. I KNOW I looked annoyed, but Mommy just laughed. Finally I protested, saying "Ooowooooowooooowww!" and Mommy stopped and hugged me and said she was sorry, but she was still laughing. Humans!

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