Monday, September 26, 2005

Dante the Foster Puppy

My mommy and daddy are still talking about how happy they are that Dante, the foster puppy, looks so good and healthy and happy. His leg is much, much better, he barely limps at all anymore! He isn't as afraid of other dogs as he used to be. He liked hanging out with me. Mommy and Daddy are still sad that they don't have room to foster this little guy. He makes and impression on a lot of people!

I have to agree, he definetely looks happier! Yay rescue!

Dante's foster mom said that he's doing really well, the infection in his foot is almost gone, and when the infection is gone and they make sure that all of the parasites are gone, they'll make an appointment to get him neutered (for some reason, that part doesn't sound so great...) After he's recovered from the neutering, whatever that is, he'll be available for adoption.

This is a great example of why I think rescue groups are awesome, and I'm very glad that we are a part of one!


  1. Hi Indy, Awwwww...look at the smile on Dante's face! What a sweet looking doggy. Big doggies scare me in person but I like looking at their pictures.

  2. Oh, I love to play with kitties! I've had two kitty friends, my mom's kitty Muffin, who was very old but still liked to play with me, and my uncle Joey's cat Henny, who is a great big young cat and loves to jump on my head. She was afraid of me at first, but pretty quickly she knew I would never hurt her. She scratched my nose last week when we were playing!

  3. AAAWWW, how cute...I mean, yeah, he's alright :)