Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Diagnosis

Well, this new vet was a very nice lady. She wanted to look at my bottom, and first I backed up against the wall, and then I sat. Mommy explained that ever since the last vet put that stick in my you-know-where to take a poo poo sample, I didn't like strangers looking at my bottom. So the doctor felt my tummy, and checked me out, and gave me some biscuits, and then asked mommmy to take me outside for a little bit to see if I would poop on my own. Mommy said "Okay, if you poo poo now, she won't put the stick in your you-know-where!" so of course I pooped! Mommy scooped some up in a poo bag and took it to the vet tech, who said "That was very accommodating of you, Indy!" Well, I try.

Well, it turns out I have tapeworm! The vet said it looks like I picked it up recently. Mommy said "Oh, he probably got that from the foster we had overnight...he had tapeworm." The vet said that was probably it, since the foster puppy had fleas, and a flea probably got on me, and I bit it and got the tapeworms that way (yet another reason not to have those freeloading foster dogs in the house, I say)! So they gave mommy two de-wormer pills, and when we got home she gave them to me in a lump of peanut butter. Yum!

But the tapeworm doesn't explain the, uh, diarrhea. The vet said she didn't see much bacteria in my poo. My last vet said that I had an overgrowth of bacteria in my digestive system. This vet said she didn't see abnormal amounts of bacteria, but it could be a food sensitivity or irritable bowel syndrome, which is simple to treat. She gave us a prescription venison and potato formula kibble, and said that if there was no improvement after a week or two, she would refer me to a specialist. She said that other than the diarrhea, I seem very healthy, my weight is good, my muscle tone is good, and that my skin and coat look good, and I am alert and energetic. So, we'll wait and see.

Mommy put a little of the new food in my bowl with some rice. Eh, I might eat some later. I'm off to rest now.


  1. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Indy its Maxster
    Cody is entered in a picture contest. He Says vote fro him.
    Umm Venison that is my Favorite!

  2. Hi Indy. I'm glad that your visit to the vet was relatively painless. I can't imagine having worms inside me, how weird! I hope those pills chase those wiggly things away. Good luck with the new food. Sounds pretty good, even to a kitty.

  3. Hi Miss Kitty,

    Mommy and I went to my grandma's house today and she took some of my new venison and potato food. She put it out for me and I wasn't too interested, but then my cousin Henny the cat started eating it, and then I ate all of it. Silly cat, she can't have my food!