Sunday, September 11, 2005

Police in St. Bernard Parish Shoot Dogs to Compel Owner to Evacuate

Sometimes I can't understand how some humans can be so wonderful and some can be so awful.
...cops in St. Bernard Parish made it clear Wednesday that they weren't interested in taking no for an answer. Nor were they taking dogs they deemed too big or dangerous.
That left forced evacuee Marie Miller on the verge of tears.
"They shot our dogs!" Miller, a 54-year-old housewife, said of her mixed pit bulls, Angel and Hooch. She had gone inside to collect clothes and personal papers when she heard it.
"Boom! Boom!" Miller said. "Hooch came in and had blood all over him."
I'm going to go say prayers for humans and animals tonight.


  1. That is abosultely HORRIBLE! No words to describe the angre I feel inside.

  2. Working at a local Animal Shelter in California we have had LOTS of people call wanting to donate food and kennels for these poor animals in New Orleans. We have had a couple of organizations pick up food and some kennels to take back to help. I didn't know dogs were actually being shot. That is horrible. I too have a hard time believing humans can be so cruel.