Sunday, September 18, 2005

Poo Patrol and Watching for the Wiggly Things

Well, ever since the new vet told my mommy yesterday morning that I had something called tapeworm, mommy has been letting me out to go potty a lot. She also gave me these two big pills in a lump of peanut butter when we got home, which, of course, I gulped down whole! Then she brushed me and got a lot of hair off of me, and called Grandma and told her that we were coming over. Then she got the bottle of something called Flea Spray that she got after that freeloading foster puppy was here, and she sprayed the apartment all over, and then we left and went to grandma's house for several hours.

Well, when we got to grandma's house, Mommy took me in the back yard and gave me a bath! I don't have to tell you that I resented that! Then she rubbed me with towels, which I love, and once I dried off she put more flea repellant on me.

I heard her telling grandma how I didn't want the vet to look at my bottom, and how I was a good boy and pooped for her so that the vet could look at my poo poo, and how they found something called tapeworm. Then she said that the vet warned her that the pills she gave me would make the worms come out, but that I might see something called "segments" in my poo poo. Grandma said "Eeeeeeeeeew!". Well, excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me! I can't help it, you know! And I'm not the one who decided to bring home that parasite infested freeloading foster puppy!

So yesterday I did have to poo a lot, like 4 times. But Mommy didn't see anything wierd in my poo. Now she's boiling some rice, which I like, and she mixed some of the new prescription food with it. I sniffed it and walked, it's all right, but I liked my last food better.

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