Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Puppy Mill Awareness Day

Last Chance for Animals organized Puppy Mill Awareness Day this past September 17th in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The Midwest is known for its puppymills, but Lancanster, Pennslyvania is called the "puppymill capital of the East Coast". and according to Last Chance for Animals, has the largest number of puppymill breeders of any county in the United States.

Actor Paul Sorvino and his daughter Amanda were two of the guest speakers at this event. Paul Sorvino is the founder and director of Dogfellas, and Amanda is the director. Dogfellas is an organization that rescues puppy mill dogs and only adopts them to applicants that pass their very strict and high adoption standards. The Dogfellas web site is great, everyone should check it out! It also has some great information about Lancaster puppy mills, and expose the truth behind puppy mill breeders who make false promises like this. Puppy mills are something that we should all be aware of!

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