Saturday, September 03, 2005

Secret Agent Indy

My Daddy has a friend whose uncle is in the Secret Service, and his uncle gave him some neat Secret Service stuff. Daddy's friend gave him a Secret Service cap. It's a cool hat. I think it would be really cool to be a bomb sniffing dog, or a dog who helped protect people. Indy to the rescue! I wonder if I would get to wear a badge on my collar like K9 dogs? Daddy let me wear the Secret Service hat for a little while, and he took some neat pictures of me in it. I'll take some to school, I bet the girls at school, Luna and Destiny, will love them! And my buddies, Sebastian, Niko and Indoe, will be so jealous!


  1. Indy,

    You look very handsome in your hat.

    Your fan in Missouri,

    Aurora Borealis

  2. Why thank you Aurora! You made me blush..not that anyone can see it with all of my hair! I saw your Dogster page, you are beautiful!