Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Swiffer Wet Jets Are Not Planes

They are these funny looking things that humans use to clean floors (silly humans - don't they know we would lick their floors clean for free?) Mommy got an email from someone in the Husky rescue saying that Swiffer Wet Jets can kill household pets because they have antifreeze in them. Well, my mom is pretty smart. When she first heard this rumor a few months ago, she checked around online to see if it was true. There is a site called (hee hee, funny name!) that has a whole bunch of silly stories like this on it, so that people will know that they are just rumors (or big fat lies).

The ASPCA also checked this rumor out and said that it was "unfounded", whatever that means. Mommy said it means it's not true, so that's good. So don't believe all the rumors you mom, she's pretty smart!

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