Sunday, September 25, 2005

Whew! What a Weekend!

We're back from Pennsylvania! The Hike yesterday was great, except my silly humans remembered to pack the camera, the batter charger, but forgot the memory stick. There were a lot of people, and even better, a lot of Huskies! My humans and I did the two mile hike, then we stayed around, walked some foster dogs, talked to some people, and ate lunch (except I didn't get to have any hamburgrers or hot dogs!). We visited with Dante, the foster puppy that was here overnight just about a month ago. He looks great, he's put on some weight, and his leg is almost completely healed! He doesn't limp at all anymore, and he wasn't afraid of other dogs. He and I got along real well, we hung out for a couple of hours.

Then my humans took us to the sled dog demonstrations. There was a lady there who competes in sled dog races. She had her team and her practice sled (it has wheels) and she had two of her dogs hooked up to the front, and then other people could hook their dogs up and pull the sled around a baseball field with a little kid on it. Dante and I did mushing together. We were both confused at first when they were putting these funny harnesses on us, and hooking us up to this line. Then the two dogs in front started running, and we did too! We were all running together, we just followed the dogs in the front, it was really fun! I kept looking over my shoulder at the sled and the kid - it was wierd how they followed us the whole way!

Fortunately my human mother's parents were there, and they videotaped us mushing. Daddy is going to make it into an .mpg file so that I can put it online and you can all see.

Mom did take this picture of me this afternoon after we got home...can you guess how I feel?

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  1. Sounds like you had a good time! Mom says aaawww what cute woofies I say ::eye roll:: yeah, cute...