Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Amber Will Meet My Grandparents on Friday!

Amber is going to meet my grandparents this Friday evening after work! Yaaaaay! I will go over and see her too, I want to make her feel welcome. I wonder when she's moving in? We should have a slumber party! I'm so excited! I just know they will love her. I wonder how my cousin Henny the kitty will like her? She will probably need a little time to get used to her, but I bet she'll be playing with Amber's ears soon!

Another Dog That Needs A Home

Mommy got this in her rescue email:
Last night I found a female yellow lab-on the older side-walks with a hobble...two dark hair spots like a huge hot spot or recently shaved. Her tag had her name (Jordan) and phone number. I called and gave my number & address, said I'd wait on corner of closest big street with her for 30 mins then I'd take her to Chester County SPCA in West Chester. Neighborhood kids said that about an hour earlier a man in a green truck called her & when she did not come, he just drove off.

As I was en route to SPCA, her "owner" called and said.."if you still have her, I'll be over to get her...if not, please remove her tags before taking her to SPCA".

As I walked in SPCA, the staff was on the phone with the "owner" but she said she no longer wanted her. Although I said she was a female and owner said she was a female, SPCA marked her intake papers as neutered male # 21414.

If there was space in my house, she would have come right home with me. She was really sweet and very submissive and probably not the most adoptable because of her age, lack of health care and she is most likely very stressed in there. Feel free to edit, crosspost, etc. Phone number of SPCA is 610-692-6113.

I always think "no sense trying to post this because it would take a miracle" , etc, but sometimes miracles happen...so maybe if someone knows anyone interested....Jordan is a real sweetheart who deserves better than what she had as a home!
So if anyone in that area is interested in a sweet older lab, give them a call!

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  1. So sad... I don't understand people... maybe he was on the way to dropping her off at the SPCA and she got out... poor little sweetie... I hope someone finds her a home soon.


  2. That is so so depressing. If we were living within a few days driving distance we'd most likely take her in and let her live out her final years. Sadly, this is not the case.

    Our older rescue Golden Mark was abandoned at the age of 14. It was heartbreaking to see all the 'kind' adopters rush to get the handsome young ones, and he was neglected off to one side, head drooping - akin to being the last person chosen on a team. We had to keep him - and we don't regret it one bit. I've never believed in violence, but it's times like this when I find no problem punching the previous owner smack in his face, if given the opportunity.

    I shall pray she gets this miracle. So so unfair. She lived all these years......to be dumped.

    Truly bad news.

  3. I know, my daddy gets very upset and says he would like to meet people who do things like this...but I think it's good that he doesn't meet them.

    About a year ago, mommy and daddy and I were driving along the highway at night. Mommy saw a dog on the side of the road limping along. Daddy caught him, he had been hit by a car and was badly injured. We took him to the emergency clinic. He had a collar and tags, and the clinic called his owners. They came to the clinic, and when the owners saw how bad the injuries were and how much it would cost to treat him, they said they didn't want him anymore. Thank goodness a rescue group took him in! Mommy and Daddy were desperately trying to find a foster home for him. They went to see him the next day after his surgery and he looked much better. But daddy was very angry about his owners abandoning him. I'm just glad he has people to take care of him!