Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Animal Comment Game

Okay, so I really like the comment game. I know that Willow and Stella had one on their blog, but no one has posted to it in a while. So I am going to try and start my own
Animal Comment Game

So here are the rules for the Animal Comment Game:
  1. Leave a message for me on my blog. Say something like "You're it! Comment!"
  2. Then go to The Dog Blog or the Blogging Pets button (click the letter L for a list of blogs), scroll down to see them on the sidebar of my blog. Leave a comment on the blog that is first on the Dog Blog or the Blogging Pets list.
  3. Then, go to the blog of the person or pet that commented above you on that blog, and leave a comment on their blog. Say something like "Comment! You're it! Indy sent me."
This spreads comment cheer, which is, as Martha would say, "a good thing".

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  1. Hey Indypindy,

    I will try it here, too. I may have been too late on Willow's and Stella's blog.

    Here goes. I am off to 'The Dog Blog'



  2. Hmmmm!!! sounds like fun!

    You're It! Comment!


  3. k- You're it dude! Comment up, like.


  4. Like playing at Michele''re it...

  5. OK I am off to da blogs......Cal tagged me.

  6. Hellow canine friends!
    Freda's tagged us. I am trying to play, but my little Puppy brain has not fully comprehended what the Comments Game. Am I doing this right?
    Yap yap yap.
    HRH Sir Sam Wallace, Jr. Esq.