Monday, October 31, 2005


My mommy is still home sick. She went to the doctor and they said she has a bug. So, then why doesn't she just leave the bug outside? Sheesh! I am missing school AND the Halloween Party! No fair! Well, at least this means that mom won't put green makeup on me and give me a mohawk. I wasn't too excited about that anyway!

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  1. Hey Indy! I'm sorry your Mom is sick, I wioll say purrayers for her. Sorry bout the halloweenie stuff...I WANTED to see you in green! I've spent the last hour copying you! I've got the chat & guestmap on my bloggie now too. How did you get rid of the extra buttons on yours?

  2. YAY!! Thank you Indy. It worked. I's still purraying for your Mom. Maybe if you let her paint your hair green she might feel better & of course then I would get to see..... :)

  3. Indy Pindy
    oh ... that's too bad, i was waiting to see yr awful looking...

    be a good dog, take a good care of yr mum.... woof

  4. I'm sorry that your Mom is sick, Indy. Are you going to be checking her you-know-what the way she checks yours? Maybe the buggy will be in there. Wherever it is, I hope it goes away real soon so she'll feel all better.

  5. sorry to hear your mom is sick. hope she feels better soon. too bad you are missing your halloween party. but that's ok. there's always next year.

  6. Hey Indy,

    Sorry your mom is still sick. As you human sit your mom I am sittin' with my dad. His back is still hurtin'. He should be back in bed. Well, this should be a good time for us. Lots of tummy rubs. We both know how contact with us helps to heal humans. Hope you are gettin' some T-rubs. If your mom falls asleep just wake her up. She needs more healin'.
    Yes! Dad's goin' back to bed. Hope your mom is feelin' better tomorrow.

    Your howloween will be quiet like mine.



  7. We're still purraying for your Mom Indy! I think her buggie camed over here though. My human brother Jeremy is sicky today, no school for him either!! He's happy about it though.

  8. Sorry about the bug. I have something too that kind of comes and goes and I just wish it would GO and stay away! Not obedient like dogs, these bugs.

    Rocky enjoyed his Halloween very much, especially (probably) because he didn't have to dress up!

    Get well soon.

  9. Get well soon! Those bugs aren't as obedient as dogs, that's for sure and they don't know when to stay or leave.

    Rocky had a nice Halloween, likely because he didn't have to dress up!

    PS If two of these comments show up, it's only because I was told the first one failed due to some kind of error.