Friday, October 07, 2005

Home at Last!

Wow. It's been a long 24 hours since I got bored and decided to open daddy's backpack and look for munchies in it! For some reason, mom freaked out when she saw what I had been chewing on. She crawled around on the floor picking up little peices of cardboard and pills and saying "Oh God, how many were there?" I didn't understand why she was so upset. I went into my crate. Then she found some pills, looked at some teeny tiny writing on them, and called the vet. Then she called another phone number, and talked to someone for about 10 minutes. Then she and daddy got out a brown plastic bottle and measured out some clear stuff that looked like water. It smelled really bad though. Then daddy held my mouth open and mommy poured that awful stuff down my throat! Daddy held my mouth shut and mommy rubbed my throat. I coughed and some of the nasty stuff sprayed out of my nose. Then I threw up. The wierd thing is, mommy and daddy seemed glad that I threw up! They even looked closely at the puke, and daddy put it in a plastic container! How wierd is that!?

Well, I see that my mom kept my blog updated, and I am really touched to see the prayers and good thoughts from my blog buddies! I had lots of people praying and pulling for me, and it really helped! I was even a good patient and I drank the charcoal on my own - the staff at the emergency animal clinic couldn't believe it!

Those nice people at the emergency animal clinic did something really wierd - they shaved part of my leg! See? They put something called a catheter in my leg, it hurt! But they gave me medicine that helped me feel much better. Mommy and daddy came in to see me real quick before they left, and they were trying to act like they were okay, but I could tell they were worried. So I reached out with my paw and touched each of their hands to let them know that I would be okay.

Well, I'm home and resting now. Mommy, daddy and I all took a nice nap together on the floor. I went in my cage, but then I came out and laid down in mommy's lap, and then they both cuddled with me and we slept for about two hours. Here I am resting comfortably...see? All better!


  1. ouch! poor thing. hope he feels better.

    here via michele's.

  2. OH my gosh, Indy we had no idea. I have not been blogging lately as much. I HOPE YOU ARE ALL BETTER SOON. So do BOOKER AND FRITZ. Thanks to Indy's Mom for all the advice for all us pet parents out there.

  3. Thanks Betsy! I feel much better, I am tired, but I ate my dinner and now I am resting. I'm going to cuddle with mommy some more. I sure do feel bad that she and daddy were so worried!

    To Booker and Fritz - don't EVER eat medicine! You'll have to go to at least TWO doctors and it will be no fun!


  4. Hi Indy,
    We're glad to hear that you are feeling better, and thanks for signing our guest book. :-)

    --Leader Dog Willow & Stella

  5. It's so good to know that you're home and feeling better Indy Pindy. The two-legged one and I were worried about you! Next time you're bored, try turning on the tv or something. No more looking for snacks in the wrong place, ok?

  6. Thanks for coming to tell me happy birthday!!

    Don't do that ANYMORE Indy...bad woofie!! You scared us all.

  7. They put a hole in your sweater? That's terrible, but it will fix itself. They did the same to me when I chewed up and swallowed a razor blade from dads razor. Everybody freaked, and they were going to do surgery. I passed all the pieces safely though. I swear moms and dads worry too much.

  8. INDY!

    Didn't you read my blog about NOT eating the human medicine? How many times do I have to tell everyhusky that the human medicine is very bad!

    I'm glad you are feeling better now, but next time there are goodies in the backpack LEAVE THEM ALONE!

    Love and smooches

  9. Gosh Indy I had no idea you were going through all that. You poor thing. I was not feeling well the past few days either so I have not been reading blogs. Glad to see that you are doing better. Guess we just have to be more careful and less curious.