Thursday, October 27, 2005

My New Favorite Toy -The Orbee

Yesterday mommy came home with a new toy for me. It's a big, squishy ball that feels like I could tear it apart, but I can't! The box said it has a "chewometer rating" of 5, which means it's virtually indestructible. We'll see about that!

The Orbee was orignally sold by Planet Dog, but now you can get them at lots of places. My favorite part is the mild peppermint scent and flavor. I'm chewing on it right now so that I'll have minty fresh breath for da ladieeees when I go to Doggie Day Camp in a little while!

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  1. Do they gots cat nip balls? Cause otherwise I don't want it!!

  2. My mommy thinks I could tear up a steel ball. Maybe she'll get one for me. Usually when she brings a new toy home, it lasts for about 5 minutes then pieces somehow get chewed off or stuffing comes out.

  3. Hey Indy,

    Hmmm..minty eh? I might like it if it tasted like a vole. Or maybe a mouse. Bein' a terrier I need that earthy mammal aroma. Looks cool, but not like a vole.



  4. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Hey Indy it is Maxxy here are you coming tomorrow?
    Mommie is making me dress upa s Carmen Miranda. How Emabarrasing!

  5. Hi Maxxy,

    Yes, we are coming tomorrow, my mommy emailed your mommy! I am going to be a punk...mommy is going to give me a mohawk with her hair products and get some temporary paint and color my eyebrows!

  6. Orbee ball. Gimme gimme gimme!

    Have fun with your new toy!