Friday, October 21, 2005

A Siberian Husky In Pennsylvania Needs a Foster Home Fast!

Sigh...another issue of...

A Dog Who Needs A Home
My mommy got this in her rescue email:

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Athos, 3 year old male, red and white with blue eyes, nuetered. Not sure if he is UTD. His family is moving to PA from MD, and only want to take one of their sibes. Are going to take their female, and want to euthanize Athos because he is too active. Athos was hit by a car, and from the looks of it, never received much treatment for his broken leg. Was in contact with Lymes Disease, but never showed symptoms of it. He does have cataracts. He is currently kept chained up to a dog house 24/7. He is purebred with papers. I have pictures if anyone is interested. He is stunning.
I am going to post this on a few other boards. Mommy asked for the pictures so I will post those too. Everyone please say some prayers for this poor dog. He's red, white and has blue eyes just like me!

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  1. I will say purrayers for him. I seem to be purraying for lotsa woofies since I meeted you!! Thanks for the very sweet comment on my bloggie. You're pretty nice for an old dog!! =^..^=

  2. Hi Indy Pindy - I wish we could take every doggie that you post about but we live in a small apartment and I'm pretty terrified of dogs. The TLO and I will keep this husky boy in our thoughts. We hope he finds a loving home.

  3. Hi Oreo and Miss Kitty,

    My humans wish they could take in every doggie that needs a home too. My mommy hopes that the more people read about how many doggies need homes, the more people will think about fostering and adopting doggies from rescues and shelters, and about how important it is to spay and neuter your cats and dogs. Every animal deserves a good home!