Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Fire at Mason County Animal Welfare League Leaves Animals Stranded

Some sad news: a fire broke out yesterday when a gas valve exploded at the Mason County Animal Welfare League in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The dedicated staff and shelter director let as many animals out of their cages as they could. They estimate that about 50 to 60 dogs were pushed out the door. Unfortunately, staff could not reach the puppy and cat rooms because they were blocked by the fire. The shelter director is being treated for smoke inhalation, she repeatedly went back in to the shelter to open as many cages as she could. Nineteen cats and three dogs did not survive the fire. All of the animals found alive have been taken into rescue or are being fostered. Two dogs are being treated for smoke inhalation.

At this time they do not need donations of physical items since they do not have room to store them. They desperately need financial donations since the building is a total loss.

Click here to go to the shelter's Petfinder page and make a donation using PayPal.

Mailing address for checks and letters:
PO BOX 285
Point Pleasant, WV 25550
The shelter also has e-mail contacts, volunteers who are not located at the shelter, so anyone wishing to help can still reach them via the email address on the web site.
My mommy and I will be putting a check in the mail on Friday. We go to the post office together, she loops my leash around the metal post outside and tells me to lay down, and I lay down and wait while she drops the letter in the slot. The she comes back out and we finish our walk! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let's see if we can help these shelter employees and animals who called the shelter home something to be thankful for.

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