Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Mommy Is Staying Home With Me Today

Well, mommy feels worse today. She took something called NyQuil that is supposed to make her sleep all night, but she woked up coughing at about 1:45 am. So she came out and laid down on the couch and sipped some tea and sprayed stuff on her throat. She can't talk at all today, she can only make very soft whispering sounds. I felt sorry for her so I was very good and listened very well when she took me out.

She said she is calling the doctor for an appointment at 9 'o clock, she is worried that she has bronchitis or strep throat. Everyone keep your fingers crossed! Oreo, you take care of your human brother! I'm keeping an eye on my mom today.

Oh, and check out the new buttons on my sidebar - some of you have already signed my Guest Map. If you scroll down, you'll see a button labeled "Today's Cartoon" under the Blogging Pets button. Check it out, they're pretty funny!

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  1. Hope your mum will get well soon. Take good care of her :)

  2. Hi Indy,
    I've been out of town for a while, but I definitely want to be in the calendar. Hope your mom is better.

  3. Sorry about your Mom's throat! If it was strep, she'd probably have a high temperature so let's hope it isn't. I am sure you are looking after her well.

  4. Hey Indy,

    Sorry to read that your mom is still ill. Hope the human vet can make her better. Sometimes all of our lickin', whimperin' and presentin' our tummies for rubs are not enough to make our humans better. My dad has called his vet for an appointment about his back. He has to sit or lie down to pet me. And he can't stay on the magic typer too long.

    Thanks for the arf arf link. I like it when my humans laugh. You find such neato things for your blog. Dad has found some too but is too busy to add them to my blog. One a day would be nice. Of course, I have to okay them first.

    Get better soon, Indy's mom.



  5. Oh Indy, I'm so sorry to hear about your Mommy. I think she must have the same as my Mommy has. I'm watching her too. She says her voice is horse. Isn't that funny? She must be halucinating so I have to watch very close. You better too.

  6. I hope your mommy will be okay and feel better soon. We will say prayers for her. You take good care of her now!