Sunday, November 13, 2005

My Big Day

So mommy and I drove to Auntie Lori's house. We got Amber and we followed Auntie Lori to the dogpark (mommy forgot the evil camera so there are no pictures of the dog park). She took Max, Cody and her foster dog Hendrix, he is a very handsome boy. He is about a year old, and his head is kind of big for his body. He still has time to grow into it though. Cody kept humping me. I tried to be patient with the big cross-eyed doofus, buth when his mom and my mom both kept telling him to stop and he wouldn't stop, I turned around and told him off. He would be cool for a while but then he would do it again. The funny thing is that this one dog came running at me to tackle me and Cody stepped in front of him and blocked him. I guess he thinks he is the only one who has the right to give me a hard time.

Matt was there with his dogs Rena and Kayna. Kayna is only four but she was pretty mellow. She ran a little then laid down the rest of the time. Rena is very funny. She acts like a quiet goodie two shoes, but she kept walking up to this big mastiff and poking him with her front leg. At first he tried to ignore her, but then he would turn and look at her and bark and she would bounce away, then follow him and poke him again. He was very patient with her. Later I saw her run up to a Wiemeraner and kind of pounce and poke him with both of her front legs. What an odd girl!

Then mom and Amber and I came home. We were both so tired - I was laying down in the front seat and Amber laid down in the back seat and went to sleep. She kept farting on the way home. I wonder if she ate some cat food or kitty crunchies at Auntie Lori's...'cause dang, she was stanky. Then at home we were waiting for grandma to come and get Amber. We laid down and mommy gave us both tummy rubs. Then daddy got the evil camera out and took our picture.
Indy and Amber
I have to say that Amber was a very polite guest for the half hour that she was at our house. She left my toys alone, she made it a point to let me drink water first, and she didn't hog my mommy. She doesn't really understand tug-of-war though. I brought my rope toy over to her and kept swinging it around and trying to get her to grab the other end and pull on it but she wouldn't do it. She just got excited and bounced around and made little talking sounds. We'll work on that, maybe she'll figure it out. She's pretty cool, I like her.

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  1. Wow Indy, sounds like you had a great, fun-filled day! Too bad the camera wasn't there. My mommie forgets hers too... and always says... aww shuchs, that would have been a great picture. I just sit back in relief thinking, whew, glad she forgot it again!


  2. Gosh, it sounds like you had a great time!! Glad you enjoyed yourself. Sorry bout the other dog, um, humping you. :)

  3. You looked like pooped pooches and it sounds like you had a lot of fun. Too bad about the camera - we would have liked to see the evidence of the leg-poking and such.