Saturday, November 26, 2005

My Career as an Artist's Model

Many of you may not realize that I am not only a beloved animal companion, but I also serve as an inspiration to my mother, who loves to take photos, especially of the fierce and wild beauty of the Siberian Husky (especially me!). Here are two photos that my mother took earlier today.

"Profile of Husky at Window"

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  1. very interesting and creative photos! I like them!

  2. That's pretty funny, but hard on the blinds. We have vertical blinds in the living room and they are easier to push aside with a snout when they are closed.

  3. So smart and cute!

    Love those pics, thanks for sharing!

  4. Ha, ha, A headless Huskey! That would have been a great picture to have taken to a photo program and put a Pumpkin where the head should be. Would have made a cute Halloween card.
    Jengibre does the same thing, if I don't keep the blinds up the right distance for her head and as I value my blinds,I always keep her favorite viewing site open a little for her to look out!