Monday, November 07, 2005

Oh, Life Is So Good - I Get to Eat Real Meat Now!

Wow! My mommy is the best! All of a sudden, on Saturday, mom stopped putting out kibble for me, and gave won't believe this...raw chicken!

Mom has been emailing with other people in the Husky rescue group who also feed their dogs raw diets, and one person just started doing this with their Huskies last week. They sent her a lot of information about feeding raw diets for dogs, and she has read a LOT about it! Since dogs are not designed to digest grains and carbohydrates, she thinks that is why I keep having runny poo no matter what high quality or prescription dog food I am on. They all have either rice, corn, potato, or other grains and carbohydrates that are used as "filler". Why does it need filler? We can't use it, so we just poop it out. And for some dogs it upsets their tummies!

I know a lot of people have their doubts about raw diets for dogs - my mommy did too for a long time. Some people say "Well, wild dogs and wolves have been seen eating grains" - times of famine when meat is scarce, they will try to find other sources of food in order to survive. But if meat is available and they can catch prey, they always prefer meat. Also, it was recently discovered that wolves do not eat the stomach contents of they prey, unless the prey is a very small animal such as a squirrel or rabbit. Wolves actually tear the stomach open and shake it, spilling out the contents. They then eat the stomach and the contents are left at the kill site after the pack finishes eating and leaves. Some people think that dogs can get sick from bacteria from raw diets. Well, if you buy fresh or fresh frozen meats that are fit for human consumption and handle them carefully and hygenically the way you would with your own meat, then there should not be a problem. Some people are afraid to feed bones to their dogs. Cooked bones are dangerous because they can splinter, but raw bones are safe because they crumble up when they are chewed. Chewing the bones is also very good for our teeth and an excellent source of calcium. The best information that mommy has found was on a site called The Many Myths About Raw Feeding.

Mommy bought a bunch of chicken necks, some wings, and ribs and measured them all out into daily servings, put them in small freezer ziploc bags, and put them in the freezer. Every night she will put a bag in the fridge to thaw for my meals the next day. So it's pretty easy! She says that after a week or so, she will start adding beef bones and meat. I can't wait!!!

Of course, this is the best tasting food I have ever had in my life! But I also feel much better. After two days on the raw food diet, I finally stopped having runny poo! Mommy was so happy! Also, my tummy stopped gurgling and burbling and making noises, and I haven't had gas, thank goodness! Also, my bad breath went away. Mommy is thrilled. So am I! Now I can put on some weight so I'll be big and strong! Here is a picture of me eating my first egg. I was a little confused at first when mommy put it down in front of me, I wasn't sure what to do with it. I sniffed it, licked it, then looked at mommy. She said "Eat it silly!" So I licked it, then I bit it and this stuff came out! I licked it all up, it was delicious! I ate every last bit, even the shell. Mom says that is a good source of calcium. I don't know what that is, but she says it's good for my teeth and bones. Okay!

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  1. Hello Indy! Enjoy your new diet. We here in the Sacred Paws household eat raw beef.. we tried chicken and we found that beef works better for us.. sounds like you are on the BARF diet. We dont' like Barf becuase of the raw bones (I know many people who have had success with it... we just choose not to eat it).. We get raw beef and supplement it with NDF (it's the Volhard diet) and veggies. We also feed an egg every day.. they are fun for the kids to chase!
    If you ever want your mom to find more resources for the natural diet ask her to send an email to us and we'll reply with lots of stuff! (by the way, we don't believe any one diet is the best for every dog. Every dog is different.. glad your runny poo went away!)

  2. Indy, I gotta tell you dude....yuck!! Glad your, um, problems went away! Your pictures down there are so cute & funny! Glad Amber wasn't too persistant with you!!

  3. When something is wrong with your health, it is a relief to find a cure for it. I hope your new diet continues to work!

  4. Indy, that new diet of yours sounds GREAT! I asked Mom why I can't have raw chicken and meat and she said that our freezer isn't big enough - it is kind of tiny.

    She says that as soon as we can, I'll be getting the raw stuff too - she's been planning on it for a while. I can't wait!

  5. Your new diet sounds neat, Indy. There are people who feed their kitties a raw diet too, pretty much for the same reasons your Mom decided to put you on raw food. The two-legged one buys canned food that's as close to raw as possible and I really like it. She's thinking about trying me on some true raw food from our local groovy holistic pet store. I'll let you know how that goes. Meanwhile, I'm glad that your Mom is happy about your poo.

  6. Indy, sounds so yummy to me too.. woof! actually, my mum has been thinking of feeding me raw food for more than a year.....but she still doesn't feel comfortable to do so, since so many disease all over the world; like chicken flu....!! she knows raw diet is really good for our health but i guess will do it later!!
    Hope u enjoy yr new diet and more healthy !!!