Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sir Paul McCartney Condems Animal Torture in China

This story contains some upsetting details, but no pictures. Sir Paul McCartney and his wife, Heather Mills McCartney, are both staunch animal rights supporters, and called for people to boycott Chinese goods after viewing a film made by an undercover PETA volunteer. You can view the video and read the details on PETA's Web site.

The dogs and cats are tortured, abused, starved, kept in terrible conditions, and inhumanely killed for their fur only. Sir Paul said "'I wouldn't even dream of going over there to play, in the same way I wouldn't go to a country that supported apartheid. This is just disgusting. It's against every rule of humanity." Heather Mills McCartney stated "'I don't understand why they don't at least treat them humanely,' she said. 'Why do they have to torture them in this way? What do they get out of it? They're not even killed cleanly. I've seen so much footage where these poor creatures are clearly alive when they're skinned. And for what? For fashion? It's sick." Visit PETA's Web site to write a letter to the Ambassador of China in Washington, DC.

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  1. We have done much the same thing here in the good old US of A! Consider the beautiful chinchilla, mink and so forth. All in the name of fashion!It is appalling no matter what animal is killed for its fur! Thats what we should address, even here in the USA, as many people are already doing.
    What has always amazed me it is that it is women(mostly) that covet and wear these furs!

  2. Don't forget the fluffies! They skin bunnies while they are still alive. I couldn't live if someone did that to my fluffies!