Monday, December 05, 2005

IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!

It's snowing it's snowing it's snowing! Like this!

Mommy took me for a walk in the snow, she's the best! We walked around, and we ran around in the big green square in the middle and I jumped up and wrestled with mom a little. She threw snow in my face! Then we walked some more. Lots of people stopped to look at me. I know I look extra handsome with snow on my fur. I was so excited, I was prancing around and sniffing the air. It was getting slippery out there, my feet slipped a few times! I hope it snows SO MUCH that mommy and daddy don't have to go to work tomorrow! Then they can stay home and we can play in the snow and take walks in the snow and play in the snow some more! Cross your paws everyone!

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  1. We know you sure are HAPPY that you have snow.But we did not get any just rain:( throw a snowball our way.

  2. Hey Indy, no school tomorrow? Oh wait, we are dogs. It's no school EVERY day.

  3. Hey Indy,

    Good luck with the lots of snow thing. We are gettin' ready for some rain soon. I remember when mom and dad had to work EVERY day back in Colorado. Dog did they want it to snow a lot Sunday through Friday. Mom was a teacher, so no school, and Dad worked at the zoo. He just didn't want to go to work.

    Dad found this on Amazon while shoppin' around. Hope your mom and dad can follow this link. They may have already seen it. He thought of your humans when he saw it. It's Sir Paul singin' Follow Me.

    Keep warm. I'm barkin' for lots of snow on the right coast.



  4. Indy, we gots snow down here too & if you want it please come get it because I DON'T!!! Mom says she bets you're gorgeous in the snow. I say HA, snow means YOU go to work, you got a sled you can pull me aroumd on????

  5. Lucky! All we got was about three pellets of sleet. Usually we're the unlucky ones that get that dreaded ICE and that's it.

  6. Sounds like you had a great time! Good luck tomorrow, and I loved the snow scene!