Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Light Snack...Almost

Mommy and I went to PetSmart a little while ago. Mommy said she had to get presents for some kitties. First we went through the dog toy section, but mommy didn't see any really good toys that would withstand my rough play. Besides, I wanted to see the kitties that they had for adoption. You all know I love kitties, and have many dear kitty friends. I was glad to see that there were not many kitties there for adoption, there were only two. They were in the very top cages, so I stood up and rested my front paws on the glass so that I could see into the top cages. I smiled at the kitties and wished them Merry Christmas. They did not seem amused.

Then we went to the kitty toy section. There was a door open at the end of the aisle, and it had interesting smells. All we could see was what looked like plastic storage containers. Suddenly a gray blur came flying just above the floor and I grabbed it. Mommy started screaming "INDY! DROP IT!" and when I didn't drop it immediately she thunked me on the head! She screamed "DROP IT!" again, so I did. She pulled me back and this girl came running out of the small room. She grabbed the baby bird I had dropped, it was a baby Cockatiel. She was about the size of the Cockatiel in this picture:
Click to enlarge

The girl said to mommy "I'm so sorry, it was my fault. I should never have left the door open, I know how fast they are." Mommy made me lay down, and she and the girl checked the bird. Mommy said she could see where my teeth had parted the feathers on the bird's chest. She ran her finger along the bird's chest and the bird pecked her. After a few minutes the bird started walking around on the girls shirt, and flapped her wings, so they knew she was okay. I was licking the feathres off of my lips. Mom said "He's on the raw diet, but not that raw. Taste like chicken Indy?"

We bought the kitty toys and came home. Mommy hugged me and said "Thank you for letting go of the birdie." she hugged me and petted me and said that she loved me. Then she gave me a Kong with some peanut butter in it! It's been an exciting morning, I'm going to go take a nap.

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