Friday, December 23, 2005

More Reasons to be Careful When Getting a Puppy or Dog

This story talks about how San Diego Officials found that thousands of puppies are smuggled from Mexico into the U.S. every year and sold in supermarket parking lots. Many of the dogs are in poor health and several die within days after being purchased. Read the full story here.

The ASPCA offers some practical tips about the idea of adopting a pet during the holiday season.

The season of giving is upon us—but should that include pets as presents? If you’re thinking of surprising the family with a new pet for the holidays, we’re all for it…if you do it the right way.
For one, the ASPCA is asking potential adopters to wait until after New Year’s Eve to bring an animal home. “The excitement of adopting a pet doesn’t have to be put on hold if you and your family agree to adopt after the holidays,” says Ed Sayres, ASPCA President and CEO. “You can wrap up a pet toy or pet-related items, such as pet care books, kits or gift certificates as a post-holiday adoption promise. The expectation of a new pet’s arrival can be fun, especially for children, since you will have the time to properly plan and choose the right companion animal.” Our experts at the ASPCA offer additional guidelines:
  • If you’re shopping for a friend or relative who wants a pet, educate yourself and the recipient with books that teach responsible ownership.
  • If you’ve already planned to bring a pet home during the holidays, please remember that animals are not inanimate objects, and should not be placed under the Christmas tree as you would a toy. And please don’t give your child a pet on Christmas morning or the first night of Hanukkah, as the excitement and activity during this time could be very stressful for the animal.
  • Make sure that your new pet has a safe, quiet haven to retreat to if the holiday bustle becomes too much.

For additional tips, please visit ASPCA online. We’ve also got helpful guidelines to follow when selecting age-appropriate pets for your children.

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