Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Adventures at Day Camp

Thanks so much to everyone who sent good wishes for my mom's finger. It's better now, she said the stitches will come out on Friday.

I'm sorry I missed all the excitement at my day camp on Friday - when mom dropped me off this morning, Jimmy the camp counselor told her that on Friday some of the big doggies were wrestling near the gate where our moms and dads drop us off. A big yellow lab named Jake jumped up and bounced against the wall, and bumped the fire alarm and set it off. Jimmy said that 20 firefighters showed up REALLY fast! They had to take all the dogs outside on leashes until the alarm was turned off because it was so loud it was hurting the dogs ears!

Mommy laughed, but she said it was wonderful that the fire department had sent so many people so quickly to take care of all of the dogs and cats that were there. It's a Best Friends, and they do boarding, grooming, and day camp, so during a weekday when they have camp they can have up to 20 dogs just in the the camp room! I wonder if Jake got a time out after that?

One time last winter the fire alarm went off at our apartment at about 2:00 am - daddy got bundled up and went outside to call the police from his cell phone so they would be able to hear him, and mom and I shut ourselves in the bathroom (there was no alarm in there) and she put on her earmuffs and held a towel over my ears. It was LOUD and it really did hurt my ears, I was whining. So I am kind of glad I wasn't there for the hurty alarm!


  1. I'm glad your Mom is better now :)
    It is really nice to have you back writing here!
    Kind licks!

  2. I'm glad your mom's better and you didn't get hurt ears!

  3. Glad your Mom is better Indy. My Dad's appointment is tomorrow....I can't hardly stand it..... AAARARRARRGGGGHHHH