Saturday, January 28, 2006

Pit Bull Owners' Addresses Published in Paper

This is just awful, and it's a great example of what is wrong with breed bans. A newspaper in Colorado has published the home addresses of registered Pit Bull owners in Commerce City. The newspaper editor said she was doing this to protect the public from dangerous dogs, but Pit Bull owners feel as if they've been targeted.

The great thing is that when my mom clicked on the link for the news story, the dog in the picture that they used for this story is CLEARLY not a Pit Bull!

Click to enlarge
If that dog is a Pit Bull, then I'm a Poodle! Stupid humans. They pass laws to ban breeds, and they they can't even keep their breeds straight!


  1. You're right. This is taking things way too far.

  2. That is just wrong. And that dog in the picture, may have a teeny weeny pit in him, but it looks he has more lab and or cattle dog, or something, in him (mom said).

  3. That is just so so so wrong. I'd feel I was targeted too if I was in their shoes. :(

    Darn these stupid BSL laws.

  4. There are lots of discussions here in Brazil about banning Pit Bulls too, and wrong ideas and conceptions about the issue as well.
    The other day a journalist had to write an article to regret about a previous text in which he supported the ban. Readers sent him an article of the Brazilian Contitution which said that "All living beings have the right for live".
    Nobody has the right to decide which species have the right to live.

  5. Beans can be real shtupid sometimes. That doggie am clearly not a pit bull. Momma's Aunt had two pit bulls and they were so loving! You wanted to squish them and kiss and hug them all day long a'cause they were so kind. They am both over the rainbow bridge now. But some mean neighbors maked rude comments about them a'cause they were pit bulls... sometimes beans can be really mean.