Saturday, January 14, 2006

Update on my Friend Maxx

Good news - my friend Maxx is doing fine! His vet is going to treat him for Lyme Disease anyway, just to be safe. They also have to check his brother Cody since Maxx and Cody go everywhere together. Cody is also acting like he's fine and is not showing any symptoms, so that also is a very good sign! Thanks everyone for your good thoughts and prayers.

When I had my faint positive for Lyme Disease, my mom read a lot about Lyme Disease and found some really good information on the IDEXX web site. IDEXX is the company that created the Snap 3DX Diagnostic test which most vets use now - it checks for heartworms, Lyme Disease and E. canis all at the same time. Reading the information on the site helped my mom understand the disease better. The way that many vets explain the disease is very scary, and they tend to give the worse case scenario. Reading the reports on dogs who recovered from and even lived with Lyme Disease helped my mom a lot. Now she knows what to watch me for and she's not panicking. By the way, my last test for Lyme Disease was normal!


  1. Thanks for the information, Indy. It's good to know about this.

  2. I'm glad that Maxx is doing better!

  3. Hey! That's great news! I know how it feels to have a dogfriend ill. My friend Donna is terribly ill and wished there was a chance for her. But her case is more complicated. She has lung cancer and heart disease. Everything my humans can do is to try to give her the berst quality of life possible.
    We dogs deserve the best, don't you agree?
    Have a nice Sunday!

  4. Hello again!
    Thanks! I also put a link to your Blog there, if you don't mind!
    It is nice to have a new friend.
    About having fun with my water bowl, it is the only way to keep cool in this 40-43ºC weather :P Well, twice a day my humans also let me have some fun with the hose!
    Kind licks from Raisa!

  5. I didn't know fruit could attack doggies. That's not nice. Bad limes bad! I'm glad your friends Maxx and Cody are better and you too! And I won't eat Mom's mouse -- it doesn't look very tasty and I don't want a tummy ache.

  6. Hey Indy,

    Thanks for the update. Glad to hear that Maxx to doin' better.