Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Alaska's Board of Game Votes to Reinstate Aerial Gunning of Wolves

Alaska's wolves won a temporary reprieve when a state court recently ruled against aerial gunning. But the Alaska's Board of Game has already taken action to reverse the court's decision and is determined to reinstate the aerial gunning program as soon as possible.

Alaska's Board of Game has voted to reinstate the aerial gunning program. More than 400 wolves could die this year alone.

Click here to send an email or sign a petition on this urgent matter!
Save Arctic Wolves!


  1. Hey Indy,

    I think we should let the ABG members run wild for a while in the Brooks Range and then shot them. My humans lived in the big state up north for several years, and they know those humans up there are a different breed, 'fur shur'. They saw a lot of artic fox, coyote and wolf skins hangin' in stores and at the sled dog races there. Naturally, there were lots of skins at the Fur Rendezvous. Not a pretty sight. Didn't see one human skin for sale. NOT FAIR! NOT FAIR!

    Dad was lucky enough to see several wolves while he was on a search and rescue mission up there. He said it was pretty cooool!



  2. Hey Indy,

    I see that we are still dealin' with Ms.Norton. Dad said she was an idiot in Colorado and didn't change her ways when she went to Vacuumton, DC. I'll still send her the letter and hope she can read it.



    P.S. Thanks for the message and the link.

  3. Stoopid humans. I don't like woofies of any sort ('cept you & Meeska & Hank) but mine Mom has pictures of wolves all over this joint so I KNOW she will be very upset over this. I'm sure she'll send a letter or somfin.

  4. Why would they allow this? What possible purpose does it serve?