Monday, February 20, 2006

Another Article on the Dangers of Greenies

Yet another article about problems caused by Greenies. The disturbing information in this article is that a couple whose Miniature Dachsund died due to a severe intestinal blockage (mushy green foam was found in his intestines during surgery)was infuriated when the manufacturers of Greenies offered to pay for their dog's medical costs and give them enough money to buy another miniature Dachsund - IF they would sign a confidentiality agreement.

Veterinarian Brendan McKiernan of Wheat Ridge, Colo., a board-certified internist, disagrees.
"They don't dissolve in the stomach," he says. "When we take them out, they're not digested. And they are causing both esophageal and intestinal problems in dogs to an extent that is concerning."

But McKiernan believes incidents are underreported. Earlier this year, at a meeting of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, a group of gastroenterologists discussed obstructions caused by "compressed vegetable chew treats" such as Greenies. By an informal show of hands, he says, "a significant number said, 'Hey, we have problems.'"

Be very careful about what you feed your dogs, and make sure that they are supervised.


  1. Geee, I really love Greenies...but now I'm not so sure. Maybe I'll just bury them and stick to denta stix. Oh wait, if I bury the Greenies, my mom might think I really like them and get me more...whats a dog to do?!

  2. Very nice of you to spread the word - good job!

    If it's causing obstructions in either 5% or 95% of doggies, then it's a problem nonetheless.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  3. My mama won'tlet me eat greenies anymore because she heard they would hurt me. But I love them so!

  4. Hey Indy,

    Thanks for the update. I get my teeth brushed almost every night. Now I'll make sure my personal trainer brushes them EVERY night. 'Fur shure!' I have been weaned off of Greenies lately. I get one only every two weeks or so. I will make sure my trainer is watchin' when I eat them. I take a really long time to eat them anyway, but I'll be careful. Dad says he may just throw them away. There aren't that many left.



  5. Shasta has never had a Greenie in her life. I heard something about them quite awhile back, but couldn't remember what. Just that it wasn't anything good. Then the articles came out again and it refreshed my memory. Shasta loves when I brush her teeth. Course, she loves ANYTHING!!! LOL

  6. Sarah8:42 PM

    I had no idea! My cats love Feline Greenies. Thank you SO much for spreading the word!