Sunday, February 19, 2006


My mom was gone all day - she said her car had to get fixed. She came home with four BIG bags of chicken!!!

Mom said that while she was waiting for her car to be fixed, she and grandma and grandpa went to a place called Costco, and she found BIG packs of chicken thighs real cheap! So she got four packs, and then a BIG box of Ziploc bags to store my chicken in! So I'm all set for food for about a month!

Mom gave me small peice of raw fish last night. It made my tummy real upset though. So mom and dad gave me some pink medicine this morning. I didn't like it at all. Mom held my mouth open and dad poured the medicine in. Then he held my mouth closed and pointed my head up! I tried to back away but mom grabbed me and rubbed my throat. I was trying to breathe out and spit the medicine out and pink bubbles were coming out of my mouth. After I swallowed it mom and dad laughed because they said it looked like I was wearing bright pink lipstick. Parents! Then mom wiped my mouth off and said no more fish for me. Thank goodness she didn't take a picture!


  1. Are you sure, no picture? That was a close call. It would have been a disgrace to the species. Huskies don't wear lipstick.

  2. Ouch! I also hate this medicine stuff! I run away when I know that my humans are going to give me that. Well, but I am enjoying the flavour of my vitamins at the moment ;P They taste great!

  3. Hey Indy,

    Sorry to read that you were ill.

    I keep away from that sushi stuff. Mom and Dad had Japanese in Denver a long time ago and both of them got sick. They haven't been back. But when they had real Japanese in Japan everything went well.

    They prefer ceviche. They had some at a Spanish restaurant at Santana Row in San Jose last week. And Dad finally got his Pisco Sour(s), but they were Chilean, not Peruvian, which he prefers. The Chileans apparently don't use egg whites or bitters. And they add lemon juice. Weird. Guess the two countries argue over who invented the drink.

    It just so happens that I just finished several pieces of COOKED cod from Trader Joe's. It was really good and I'm still standin'.