Monday, February 27, 2006

'Ssential What?

My mom got these new little blue bottles that smell really good. She said they were 'ssential oils or something like that. She mixed some of them up and rubbed them on my elbows, paws and tummy where I have been scratching. I got a nice massage. I liked it. Mom said it should help me stop itching. I hope so!


  1. hey hey hey indy! i hope your itchies go away soon. my peepol get all upset when i skrach my itchies, but they never rubbed ssential oils on me... sounds kida skary! do they make you stink good?

  2. Cool, essential oils and a doggy massage too!

    I'll try to get Mom and Dad to give me some too.

    Hope the itchies go away soon!

  3. I want some essential oils, too!

    Hey, Indy, on your recommendation I have my own blog now, too.

  4. I want one of those too!
    I also have been scratching a lot, but I think it might be because I am changing my coat!?

  5. And which one is your favourite scent?