Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Really Cool Husky Racing Pictures!

My mom found this blog with some really cool pictures of Husky sled racing! I wish I could pull a sled! There is a Maryland sled dog club but but they are in Western MD, kind of far away from us. Click here to see the site. I like the author's user name - "Balto Mike"!


  1. Balto Mike12:01 PM

    Just to let you know, I have added my Livejournal's URL to your ring.

    Well...I think it has worked.

  2. The Ring Owner, Raise the Husky, has to approve it and then it will show up!

  3. Neat! If I were a Husky I would want to be a sled dog.

  4. Hi Indy,
    We saw a picture of Eskies pulling a sled, too. I did not know Eskies did that. I thought only Huskies did.

  5. Lupus was in Chamonix (France) recently and there is a sled school there. He hasn't pulled a sled before, but he's pulled me down a woodland trail on a bike and he loves the snow... so the next step is full sledding.

    I don't know if you can sled a domestic husky, but I guess there's one way to find out!

    BTW Indy... thanks for the invite!

  6. You sure can teach a domestic Husky to pull a sled! At some point the instinct will kick in. I took a turn pulling a sled at our rescue's Husky picnic last September. It was fun!

  7. I've already added Balto to the Ring!
    By the way, have u seen that I wrote in my blog that we are 10 husky bloggers now?! Wow! Hope we find more huskies to join the pack!

  8. Thank you raisa, racing is excellent. Being with them when they run, but get a incredible sense of their strength.

    Also, I've gotta get used to the way this site works...but I'll get the hang of it.

  9. Cool pictures indeed! So clear that the huskies are having so much fun and just raring to go.

    Thanks indypindy for the link, and great work balto mike for such a great site and sharing the fun!


  10. Indy, I have an important message for your Mom and Dad. Please have them go to my blog and read the article "Puppy Immersed in Acid."
    We need all our American friends to help out, so if they can send others too, the more the better... or even to the original website.
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  11. Indy~
    thank you for sharing the fun .