Sunday, April 16, 2006

More New Food!

My new vet told mom to start feeding me potatoes and peas. So mom gradually switched me from canned pumpkin to canned sweet potato. This week she is going to gradually switch me from canned sweet potato to microwaved sweet potato.

Well, today I got another treat - PEAS! They are these little round green things and they are very sweet. Mom bought some in a bag that you just put in the microwave and they steam inside the bag! Then she and dad ate some and talked about how good they are! Then she made me sit and she gave me one, it was delicious! And THEN - she put some in my bowl for dinner!

Here is a picture of my dinner - a raw chicken thigh, a little canned sweet potato, and some steamed peas.

Here I am eating peas for the first time. I actually ate the peas and sweet potato before the chicken! Can you tell I have a sweet tooth?
Mmmmmm, peas!

Here I am chomping down on my chicken thigh.
Mmmmmm, chicken!

It was delicious! And the best part is that now that mom knows what to feed me, my tummy is feeling better than ever!


  1. Well little pup, I'm glad to read that you am enjoying new tastes! I am too! Usually I try to cover up my dish if I don't like the taste of my stinky goodness but lately, I've had tuna in there and it's divine!
    Do you know about merrick brand doggie food? It's made with real peas and stuff...and they pride themselves on being all holistic and stuff...I'm sure you do a'cause you're a real smart doggie :) But just in case, you can find it here merrick canned wet dog food or the dry stuff just don't get turducken! It's got turkey in it! Happy Eating Indy!

  2. Thanks Timmy!
    I can't eat dog kibble because it almost always has something in it that I'm allergic to, like corn, egg, turkey, pork, etc.

    But the raw diet is really good because mom can make sure that no ingredients that make me sick are sneaking in there!

  3. Nice job, Indy. I consider it a brave act. Personally, I'll nearly anything on the plate EXCEPT the peas. Those I try to hide under the edge of the plate or just squish into the carpet.

  4. Sometimes I'll eat a veg too, like a carrot, but that's only if there's nothing else around and I'm really hungry.

    I've never tried peas - can you order them crunchy or squishy?


  5. Cal,

    Good question. Mom mom got a bag of frozen peas. They come in a special bag - you just put the bag in the microwave and nuke it and the veggies steam inside the bag. So my peas were squishy. I might try them frozen next time though. I'll let you know what I think!

  6. You could shmaybe eat them frozen in the summer to cool you off :)

  7. I can't believe what a neat eater you are. Shasta loves bringing half of everything out of her bowl and eat it from her little carpet beside her bowl.
    I don't have her on completely full food yet, but do make sure she gets her veggies. She LOVES them!!!

  8. you are one expensive pup! =D I am too though with my special diet! But I dont get to eat chicken everyday! =D

  9. Jack,
    It's not that expensive - if your humans know where to shop, it's about the same or a little cheaper than feeding premium brand dog foods like Wellness.

    My mom gets packs of 18 chicken thighs at Costco for about $6.50 each. She eats lots of veggies, so so just microwaves some plain for me and gives me a little of those with each meal, not too much. Then she cuts a sweet potato into chunks and nukes it until it's soft. Not too expensive! She says it's worth it to keep me healthy and it's cheaper than taking me to the vet every few months because I'm still sick.

  10. Mmm... It looks delicious! You have a great chef there! When are you going to invite me for dinner?
    Liks :P

  11. glad you like it so much, you are so cute