Monday, May 15, 2006

FDA Issues Warning To Diamond Gaston Plant

This is the same plant where the food contaminated with aflatoxin was produced last fall. Diamond issued a recall on certain lots of their food in December of 2005. You can read the warning letter here.

IMPORTANT: Diamond also produces and distributes pet food under the following names:
  • Diamond
  • Country Value
  • Professional
  • Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul
  • Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul
  • Diamond Naturals
  • Premium Edge (made by Nutro, which is a division of Schell and Kampeter, the owners of the Diamond dog food plant in Gaston, SC)
  • Nutra
  • Nutra Gold
  • Kirkland brand dog food sold at Costco
  • Nutra Nuggets
and others. View the original recall here.

My mom is soooooooooooooooooo glad I'm on a raw diet and I don't eat dog food anymore!


  1. My doggie mom and doggie dad eat Professional. I told my human mom about this and she is going to send the link to the humans who live with my doggie parents.

    Thank you for this information.

  2. Thanks for informing the community. How do you like the raw diet?

  3. Thanks for all the info. You see I was a VERY sick puppy the first year of my life (I am only 1.5 years old now). I am still a VERY small boxer I only weigh 43lbs which is VERY small for a boxer.

    Boxers have a very sensitive digestive system so my mom has thought about the raw diet but did not know very much. Thank you again for all the info.

  4. The first time my parents took me to the vet I had a giardia. I also gave it to my mother. Mom got so sick and no one knew what was wrong until my vet diagnosed her.

    Then I had a tumor at 4.5 months fortunatly it was NOT cancer. Boxers are prone to cancer. Then we found out I had demodectic mange. I lost all my fur and had to be on meds for 6 weeks. I was born in November my parents bought me in Jan and by October I had back pains.

    Mom took me to the vet 6 times before they reffered her to the doggy neurologist. It turns out I had a bladder infection that was not treated for months! (I don't blame mom because she did not know) It turns out I was growning bone in vertebrae (the bladder infection spread to my spine). That was causing the pain in my back. On my very first birthday I went to the neurologist. I had a tuff 1st year of life. I also had to be on meds for the past 7 months. Tomorrow I am going back to the vet for a badder test. I am sure everything is going to come out great. If things are good then I get off the meds! Hurray!!!

    Mom and dad think I came from a puppymill and that is the source of all my problems. They said they would NEVER again buy another dog at the pet store. A lot of my problems are from inbreeding. But I have heard my parents say they wouldn't trade me for the world.

    They have now bought my doggy insurance and they are always making fun of me since I am a working dog and I don't work. But what they don't understand is I work! I give them kisses and keep them warm in bed ect...

  5. Thanks for helping protect us by keeping us informed, We are praying for Meeko to get a forever home VERY soon. (Sorry haven't been commenting--computer problems. =sigh=)

  6. I had a panic there for a moment, as Lupus has dogfood from 'Nutro' which is natural, organic dry food that we mix with a bit of meat.