Thursday, May 18, 2006

I Am the Disciplinarian

Well, when mom came to pick me up from day camp, she took me and Meeko into the play room. Mom said "Be patient with him, he doesn't understand." So I played with him and was patient with him. He did try to hump me a lot and I growled and made the "scary face" to warn him that I didn't like it.

The Scary Face
Here are two examples of scary faces that wolves (and dogs) use to warn other dogs (and people) and say "I don't like what you're doing, stop it now!"
Here is scary face number one:

Here is scary face number two:

The third and fourth times he tried to hump me, I barked, spun around, made a scary face, and chased Meeko while doing a snapping attack, snapping the air as a warning.

After about 20 minutes, Meeko got the idea and quit trying to hump me. I humped him twice and let him know that I am in charge! Then we were able to play and have some fun!

My mom has learned a lot about wolf body language and communication, and she was telling daddy that she could clearly see that behavior today when I was teaching Meeko how to play. Humans - they have so much to learn!


  1. It seems like your Human is willing to learn the wonders of our language. Their stupid language definately seems to lead them to a lot of misunderstandings.

  2. Wow Meeko tried to hump you! It's a good thing you won't be pushed around! And it an even better thing Meeko learns very quickly.

  3. I get a similar look when my friends try to bite at me when we're just running and playing.

    I make that same face and snap, snap, snap my teeth in the air at 'em at a rate of about 5 times per second until they back off.

    My humans are amazed at how fast I snap like 20 times in a row really really fast. Do you think that's a wolf thing too? 'cause that'd make me really feel proud and stuff.


  4. yes, it does take a pHD to understand dogs ..

    Permanently handsome dogs..

  5. Turbo - you are so right, our language is MUCH clearer than human language!

    Cairo - eh, I wouldn't have hurt Meeko. He just doesn't know any manners, it's not his fault.

    Cal - yes, this is definetely behavior that wolves have passed on to their dog descendants. So you should feel proud! One lady in the Husky rescue calls the air snapping "crocodile snaps" because our teeth click but we don't make any sounds.

    Robin - yes, it is a good think that Meeko learns quickly. I'm patient, but still!

  6. Oh my gosh Indy! Those am furry scary faces!

  7. yOU'VE GOT THAT RIGHT iNDY, AND IF MORE PEOPLE WOULD LEARN THAT BEHAVIOR THEY WOULD UNDERSTAND THE WAY DOGS THINK INSTEAD OF THINKING THEY THINK LIKE PEOPLE. tO TRAIN A DOG USING THE WOLF THEORY (opps caps links sorry) is training a dog in a manner it understands. So simple once humans can understand it.
    I wrestle Shasta every once in a while now just to remind her that I'm Alpha. Sounds funny but true and Shasta feels more confident now that I understand my role. have very nice pearly whites. LOL
    The sad part of it is, if Shasta was ever to show that face here, she would be deemed as aggressive and put down. A dog can not be a dog in Ontario if you happen to be of the Pit bull discription.