Sunday, May 21, 2006

Playing With Meeko

My humans and I just spent about 2 hours playing with Meeko. He was VERY excited to see me, and I was very excited to see him! We wrestled and played for a long time and then we took a walk togther outside for about half an hour.

Meeko was really good on the leash and didn't try to wrestle me while we were on the leashes. Mom and dad made us sit and give paw for treats. Meeko tried to hump me a couple of times but I let him know that I don't like it! Meeko was very mouthy and was playing a little too rough with his mouth. My mom held his muzzle, looked him in the eye and said "No." and he decided to throw a temper tantrum and wiggle around and try to mouth her hand to get her to let go of his collar, but mom has spent too much time around Huskies to fall for that! She kept moving her hand and keeping it out of reach of his mouth and switching hands, and he finally laid on the floor and gave up trying to mouth her. After that he was much more gentle with his mouth.

When mom got out treats again later, Meeko was very excited and jumped up on her. Mom said "No! Off!" and held the treats up out of reach. He kept jumping and jumping on her, so mom put the treats up on a shelf and walked to the other side of the room. Meeko stared at the treats and when mom came back in a few seconds, he sat for the treat without jumping on her. That kid's pretty smart!

Finally after playing and walking for about two hours, we were both pretty tired! I let Meeko have some time to cuddle with my mom, I thought he needed it.
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He looks pretty happy, don't you think? What a smile!

Meeko is going to come with us to the next Husky rescue event, he's so excited!

And here I am now...zzzzzzzzz
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  1. Are you sure he isn't a Rottweiler wearing contact lenses? ;)
    He is so cute!