Monday, July 03, 2006

Congratulations Polar!

My dad did a home check a few weeks ago for some very nice people in Silver Spring, Maryland. They have one female Husky named Tashi who dad said is very sweet. They had an adoption two weekends ago and adopted Polar! Polar had to stay in foster care a little longer because foster dogs have to be in foster care for 30 days so that the foster home can get to know the dog and find out what their quirks are, etc. This afternoon Polar is going to his new home!

I have not yet met Polar, but his new mom said that she reads my blog, so obviously they have excellent taste and will make a great forever home for Polar! I hope to meet Polar and Tashi soon for a play date!

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  1. Polar arrived this afternoon around 3 p.m. I didn't even bother sniffing his butt before I invited him to romp through the entire house with me at top speed. The humans threw us outside, where we did several circuits of the yard at about eighty M.P.H., and then we dove into the pool. And then we ran and swam and rooed and chased ball and ran and wrestled and swam and ran and chased ball and swam and rooed and wrestled.

    Polar likes to stretch out real big in the doggie pool, it turns out, so I've decided that to show my hospitality, I'm going to let him have the pool all to himself. However, the nice lady who came along to drop Polar off said that Wal-Mart has much bigger wading pools than the 46-inch one my mom got at Toys-R-Us, so I'm going to help Mom figure out where there's a Wal-Mart near here and make her go get a giant one I can share with my new brother.

    Other than that minor issue, all is well. Mom and Dad put peanut butter on their fingers to make friends with Polar, and I can assure you that I was simply outraged that I was being left out, so I pushed my way in too, and Polar and I shared peanut butter from Mom's hand just like we were old pals. Polar says he doesn't know what to think about hardwood stairs, but there's a bed upstairs where Mom and Dad will let us jump up so I think he'll get good at the stairs fast. Polar's also extremely curious about the bird, but I told him the bird gets really boring after a while and the fascination will wear off. I also told him that if he gives the cat a generous buffer zone of personal space, he won't get swiped on the nose like he did the first time he came over. It's a good thing Polar has me to show him the ropes.

    I don't quite know what to do with a dog who has as much energy as me. My big brother was older and slower, and while he was an expert wrestler, he wasn't much of a runner. I'm really exhausted now; it's all I can do to hug the AC vent in the dining room and pant. But Polar says now that I have him for a little brother, he'll whip me into shape in no time flat. It's a good thing I have Polar to show me the ropes.

    I think Polar misses his foster dad. He looked a little puzzled when the front door closed and he found himself still in the house, with me and my mom and dad. He said that his foster dad took such good care of him that he'll always be grateful, and he plans to keep in touch.

    Once Polar has settled in--and once I've adjusted to the shocking prospect of a future where I'll never be bored or lonely again--we would both love to meet you, Indy! We'll even share our pool with you, and you can play with one of our tennis balls if you're husky enough to take it from us. You should email my mom--her address is on her web site.