Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dog Makes Cell Phone Call to Save Owner's Life

OK, when I first saw this headline (YES, dogs can read!), I thought "Wow! The dog figured out the cell phone and 911 all on its own, that is SMART!"

But then I looked at the story and found that Belle the Beagle was trained to dial 911 by biting her owner's cell phone, which is what she did when he had a diabetic seizure.

Now, don't get me wrong, props to Belle for being a therapy dog (not all dogs have the...uh...brains to do it!) and for saving her owner's life.

BUT - she was trained to dial 911! So...she spent a lot of time learning how to do it, and when she should do it...and she did it. That's not a miracle! That's just a smart dog!

The fact that humans consider things like this "amazing" or "a miracle" tell me that most people to not give dogs (or other animals, for that matter) nearly enough credit for how smart we are and how much we are capable of!


  1. I agree Indy! Doggies am all way smart when it comes to that kind of shtuff. I'm always 'mpressed when I hear stories like this or watch Aminal Planet and see them in action.
    Me? My "thing" is that I know how to open my can of treats by myself.
    A miracle is when Momma remembers to clean my loo without me having to remind her! LOL!!!

  2. That's very cool, Indy. I wish I could do something like that. It's very impressive! :)

  3. We just never (us humans I mean) give dogs the credit they deserve. Since I've been training Shasta for Service Work, I didn't realize how much more she could do that I hadn't thought of.
    She is waking me up when it's time to take my medication if I'm sleeping. That I didn't teach her. She figured it out herself, but I'm thinking of having her trained to bring me my medications.
    They do so many wonderous work.
    There's a HERO dog that I've blogged about the last three posts. It's a 'Pit bull'. LOL Imagine that. Some positive media coverage. Oh...he just saved his owner from a bear. LOL
    I love ALL you guys!!!! *hugs*

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  5. I have it on good authority that the beagle was actually trying to dial Papa Johns and order a pizza... hit the wrong speed dial button... sigh.

  6. Heylo! I added you as my friend Indy! (if that is your name ;))
    I hope your check out my 'blog' (what these humans call it)!

  7. Hello Indy! /we're back bloggin again. kudos to that beagle-brain! Do you think humans will ever figure out how smart we really are? I guess we'll have to be patient with them, they've only been around for 15 or 20,000 years!!!!