Saturday, July 15, 2006

Huskies at Frederick County Maryland Animal Control Shelter

My mom and dad and I went to the Frederick County Animal Control Shelter in Maryland today to pick up a Husky for the rescue and to meet some other Huskies that were there. Mom wanted to meet them to see what they were like, how they got along with me, and take their pictures so that she could send information about them to other rescues.

First I met Cheyene. She is purebred gray and white 2 year old female Husky. It sounds like she came from a backyard breeder. The breeder had several Huskies who kept getting out, and she was fined by Animal Control, and she dropped Cheyene and her puppies off at the shelter. Cheyene was pretty calm, she was very sweet to my mom and dad and friendly, but she didn't like it when I looked her in the face. She gave a quiet warning growl. She didn't mind when I was near her, as long as I didn't look her in the face. Cheyene has not been spayed yet.
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Then I met Bear. Bear is a purebred black and white male Siberian Husky, under 1 year old. He is neutered. He is a bundle of energy and he is just like I was when I was that age - all he can think about is PLAY. He came outside and I was at the other end of the yard with my dad, and even with my mom all he was thinking was playplayplayplayplayplayplay! When dad and I walked over to see him he gave me a play bow, then jumped up and started pawing the air. I wish I we'd had some more time so that I could have played with him!

Handsome, isn't he? Bear's owners had adopted him from the shelter a while ago, but they were moving to an apartment that does not allow pets, so they took him back to the shelter.

After that I met Tasha. She is a 10 year old female Husky mix, she is not spayed. Tasha has always been an only dog and it seems like she was never socialized with other dogs. She is very calm, housebroken, and very good with kids. She does not like other dogs. But she would be great for someone who wanted a low maintenence only dog.
She didn't really want to have her picture taken. Her owners were also moving to a place that did not allow know the rest.

After that, we met Lucy. Lucy's owners were also moving to a place that did not allow pets, and so they took her to the shelter. Lucy ran out of time at the shelter, and was supposed to be euthanized at 10:00 am on Wednesday morning. Thankd goodness some wonderful volunteers in our rescue wanted to foster her! Lucy is a Husky mix, about 3 or 4 years old. She was kind of scared when she first came outside with the shelter worker.

She was timid, but then my mom started petting her and giving her treats, and after a little while she relaxed and I came over to meet her. She liked me but she was a little scared of me. I did everything I could to give her space and make her comfortable. After a few minutes they let us off leash so we could run around the yard together. Mom tried to take our picture, but we were too fast! Here you can see us checking out one of the outdoor kennels.

Then dad and I waited outside while Mom filled out some paper work to get Lucy out of the shelter. Then we went for a ride to meet another volunteer, who was going to take Lucy to her new foster home. Doesn't Lucy look more relaxed?

Here we are waiting for the other volunteer.

It was REALLY HOT outside!

Now Lucy is trying to settle in to her new foster home. I hope she can relax and feel comfortable soon!


  1. Oh! Lucy looks so sweet - and she made Mum remember Donna, who was a husky mix too. Mum was saying it would be nice if she could take Lucy home, but we are a bit far away from her place.

  2. Lucy looks adorable. Your human pets are really wonderful people to save her from that horrible fate. I hope she can find a forever home soon, but in the meanwhile, she'll have you as a friend!

  3. I think thats great what your parents are doing! My parents would NEVER live in a place that doesn't accept pets, because like my mom says, dogs are children who have lots of hair and speech problems!

  4. I can't believe how humans can have a furbaby then just dump them because they are moving ! Makes me SO gruff !!!! Find a damn place that does take animals - no excuse ! How would they like it if the situation was reversed........GRRRRRR, I am so mad !
    Luckily, there's Indy and her peeps coming to the rescue......lots of love to you guys !

  5. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Y'all are amazing to be helping our brethren out. I agree with the previous poster, if you have been adopted by a pet, then that should be a factor when determining your future living situations.......grrrrrr!

  6. Hi Indy!
    I made my mom read this entry in your blog. She's been real busy lately - my cousin Chip has been staying with us and he's a 'bundle of badness'according to Mom. Of course, you and I know that Chip's not bad - it's his family that is bad!
    Anyway, thanks for showing all of our friends at the Frederick shelter. Mom says at one time I had a big brother named Cheyenne, and your Cheyene reminds her of him.

  7. My heart just breaks for the throw aways that can rid themself of a pet so easily. They call that love? Do they even once think about what their dog must be feeling?
    I believe Lucy was that afraid because she knew she was close to death. Still not understanding until you showed her trust that things were going to be better for her. You can see it in her face.
    You and your parents are so loving and brave to go into those sad places together to find a dog in need of being rescued the most. Many people put their own fears over the dogs, but they aren't the ones that have to fear death like the dogs do, do they.
    You're doing excellent work!!! I'm so proud of all that you do.
    I hope your Gramma is feeling better.