Friday, July 07, 2006

Max and Cody's New Baby Sister


- this is Auntie Lori's hairless puppy -


my mom's. My mom and dad like hairless babies fine, but they prefer us four footed kids.

Auntie Lori had her hairless puppy last Sunday, so Maxx and Cody have a new baby sister! She doesn't look much like them though, she's small and pink. My humans said she is very pretty.
Click to enlarge
Her name is Baylor. That's a neat name! I can't wait to sniff her and lick her face! I like babies. The ones that ride around in strollers usually have Cheerios and other tasty stuff to snack on. I hope Auntie Lori will bring her to some rescue events!

Baylor even has her own page on Harnessed to Hope's rescue site!

Congratulations Auntie Lori, Maxx and Cody!!!!


  1. Congrats on the non fur baby. She does look cute.

    I will tell my dad to link you to our blog. Sorry I thought you were linked...

    Talk to you very soon.

  2. Hey Indy,

    Thats a really small human - Are you allowed to play with her yet? Or do you have to wait til her paws get a little hairier?

    Either way - youve been blessed!

    Maybe she can fetch for you?

    Congrads from Chuck, Stupid Opy, The Humans, and All the cool D.W.B's

  3. Congrats on the bundle of joy!!!

  4. Oh, she is cute!
    You know... I love children too! Here where I live children stop by the gate and say to their friends: "Look! It is the wolf I was talking about!", hahaha!

  5. Wow, baby humans, like baby dogs, look like they've been left in the water for a long time and need to dry out!

    Keep an eye out for baby throwup - it's an acquired taste but my friend Bear likes it.