Sunday, September 24, 2006

Responsible Dog Ownership Day

Hi everyone! Well, we had a great day yesterday. My day care, Best Friends Pet Resort & Salon in Gaithersburg, Maryland, had a Responsible Dog Ownership Day yesterday, and Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue had a booth and a microchip table.

It was a nice day, not to hot, not to cold. It was a little breezy, so mom used some duct tape to make the donation jar stay on the table! The hottest selling item was the Husky pajamas, I think we sold 4 pairs, and people were asking for more sizes for kids and adults. The doggie themed jewelry was pretty popular, as were the northern breed car magnets.

Here are the pictures my mom took yesterday:

Whew! I'm still tired. I'm going to go nap until my breakfast is ready!


  1. Great pix, Indy! And it sounds like a successful day!
    Oooh, a Newfie! Our mom would have gone ga-ga over the Newf!
    Play bows, Zim

  2. gina camilleri7:42 PM

    that dante looks so much like my kali, very short hair.

  3. Hi Indy,
    So nice of you guys to have Responsible Pet Ownership Day. By the way, are those toy huskys in the first 2 pic? Cute.Are those for sale?

    ~ fufu

  4. Hi Fufu,
    Yes, we have a couple of different kinds of stuffed Huskies. We have some where a momma husky is carrying a husky puppy in her mouth, then we have a couple of smaller ones, and there are even some that are about 3 inches long that are keychains! We sell those at events to raise money for the rescue. If you want my mom can find out how much they are.

  5. Hey Indy,
    My name's Althea (Althea's Blog). My Dad and I saw that you were helping out the good people at Harnessed to Hope this week. In a way I was rescued by them. This was before the group was formed but my brother's foster mom got me out of a shelter and into a foster family. Both are now volunteers for HTHNBR. I like to consider myself their first unofficial success.

  6. Really Indy, coz they look really cute like mini you. Heee.
    Oh it'll be nice of your mom to help check out. But I wonder if they do ship to singapore where I am. I don't mind buying some to do my part to raise money for the rescue. :)

    ~ fufu

  7. Indy -
    This looked like a fun day. I'm sorry I missed it. The Mom wasn't here, some stuff about a wedding.
    Keep letting us know about these local events, The Mom and I want to come to one to meet every one and see what we can do for fellow Huskies.

  8. Looks like a fun day was had by all!