Wednesday, October 25, 2006

After the Zoomies

Boy, was I feeling better last night! The nice vet lady gave me some vitamin shots and acupuncture and it REALLY helped! I was full of energy and played with mom and dad and got the zoomies and everything! Afterwards I was so sleepy that I fell asleep on my daddy's slippers.
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Am I cute or what?


  1. Awwww. Something must be going around....for some random reason I get sick every now and then.

  2. So what did the vet lady say was wrong with you? Kinda weird you & Meeshka getting sick at the same time, don't you both live in Maryland? Maybe it's something in the water...We're very glad you're feeling better! We'll have our paws crossed for a complete recovery soon! Face Licks (but not on the mouth since we don't know if your contagious), Macie & Malechai

  3. Indy, you look so comfortable. Can we come over and cuddle with you? We don't take up a lot of space.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  4. I like to fall asleep on Mama's slippers, especially if she is still wearing them. I am glad you are better

  5. Indy, you're sooooooooo handsome! I'm glad you're feeling better!
    PS: Zim is linking to you today!

  6. Dachsies,
    Of course you can come over and nap with me! My fur will keep you nice and warm, too.

    Amber - why, thank you! You are pretty cute yourself! I will link to you guys too, I love your logo!

  7. Oh we glad you feeling better Indy. Rawhide makes many siberians sick. Mom say we eat it too fast. Pig ears good though. Penny gets acupuncture too, for her back. Hope you feels better soon and lay off the rawhide dude.

  8. Oh, Indy! I was away for more than a week and did not know that you were not feeling well.
    Hope you are really better.
    You look so cute sleeping quietly on your Dad's slippers!
    A Thousand Get Better Licks :P

  9. Simply adorable.


  10. Indy, You look so cute in the pic. Take care and get well soon

    ~ fufu

  11. I wish my humes had soft slippers like that to snooze on!

    You're a very pretty husky too! This is my first visit to your site!

    You should check out ours too. I'm a husky and Smokey is a Shep/Mix. We have all kinds of fun!

    Hope to see you there!

  12. Hi, glad to hear that you are getting better :)


  13. Guess what? I am a ring member now!! I talked to you and also to Raisahusky and joined. Got my approval in email today! My hume is going to be SO proud of me! Wooooo WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm glad that I'm making so many great friends here!

    TTFN (Ta-ta for now)