Saturday, October 07, 2006

Buddy the Dog Goes to the Human Hospital

These silly humans are so amazed that a dog would walk into the emergency room at a human hospital! Watch the video about Buddy the dog here.

Buddy went to the right place - it worked, didn't it?


  1. Hey, my mom say that on the news! Can't humans get it through there thick heads that we are really smart...when we are being serious that is!

  2. Hey Indy,

    Thanks for the great vid.

    Are Buddy and I related? We kinda look alike and we're both smart, but he's much smarter. Wow! Intelligent AND persistent. He knew exactly what he was doin'. He must have seen ER or somethin'. Who says watchin' the magic box is stupid? Couch dogs rejoice!

    Go Meeko! Paws crossed!!