Monday, October 30, 2006

It was a BIG Weekend!

Well, mom and I went to spend the night with some friends so that we could be at Quiet Waters Park early on Saturday morning to set up for the Howl-o-ween Bark 'n Bash. My Auntie Chris and Uncle Sean live in Bowie and they have three Huskies. Here is a picture of me with two of their Huskies:
Click to enlarge
That's Naya on the left, Astro in the middle, and me on the right. Oh yeah, Astro is my twin. We're not related, but Astro and I look a LOT alike!

Click to enlargeHere I am resting and Astro decided to lay down near me. Can you tell which one I am and which one is Astro?

Here are some pictures from the Howl-o-ween Bark 'n Bash.

Here are some more pictures of me wrestling with Astro:

Whew, I'm off to take another nap. I am beat!


  1. Wow Indy, Astro sure does look like your twin!! Loved the pictures of you guys wrestling. Looked like fun.
    On another note, why do these humans enjoy humiliating us with these rediculous costumes? If only we could tell them how rediculous we look!


  2. Woh Indy, what alot of halloween pic. I guess the one on the right is you. Am I correct?

    ~ fufu

  3. Wow, great pix, Indy - though the pups should have shredded the costumes! That Great Dane puppy looks like he'd be very fun to meet - and I just LOVE the picture of Dolly giving kisses! How very Siberian! Is she one of your girlfriends?
    Astro does look very much like you! You're more handsome though.
    Stay safe tonight!

  4. Wow, that's a lot of doggies in costumes, LOL! Great pics.
    Happy Halloween!!!

    -Willow and Stella

  5. I really studied the pictures. It was not easy because my eyes do not face exactly the same way. I think you are the one under the chair. Fuzzies, Magnum.

  6. Hey Indy,

    Great Pics!

    Happy Howl-Oween!


  7. Hey Indy: I re=posted the link to your newsletter yesterday so everyone could read the "keeping safe for Halloween" tips. A lot of mom's friends emailed a thank-you to her and said lots of nice things about the job you did on the newsletter. AND everyone was SAFE! Way to go, Indy!
    Play bows,

  8. Awesome. Thanks Zim!

  9. Great pictures! Are you under the table, hard to tell as we can't get a sniff thru the puter.
    Face Licks, M&M

  10. Happy Howloween, Indy! Cool pics!

  11. Whoa! Your friend Naya looks a lot like me! Does she have blue eyes too?

  12. indypindy, What wonderful original costumes. I am ashamed to say I didn't make Jengibre any Halloween Costumes this year, the first time in 13 years she hasn't had a new costume. Well one of us must be slowing down, ha, ha!