Friday, October 13, 2006

News and Funny Stories

Sorry I haven't blogged for a while, my mom has been hogging the 'puter doing "rescue stuff". So I have gotten a little less attention, but she puts yummy stuff in my new extra large Kong, so it works out okay.

First, a funny story: a lady in our rescue has a blind Husky named Ray Charles (he came with that name, and knew his name, so they didn't change it). He was born without eyes. Well, the other day, Ray found some stuffed Huskies that the rescue sells at events to raise money for our foster dogs. I guess Ray decided that the stuffed Huskies needed to be eyeless like him, because he pulled their eyes off and they were scattered all over the floor. He left the stuffed animals intact though. Here is a photo of the victims:
The Victims

What is your interpretation of this act of vandalism?

Blogger was having problems yesterday, so my mom didn't get to post the link to my day camp web cam. But here is a really cute picture of me playing with my friends at school.
Click to enlarge

That's about it for now. We have a rescue event on Sunday at the Humane Society of Baltimore County. They are having a Paws on Parade event to raise money for their shelter. They are in a beautiful location in Reisterstown, Maryland. So if you can come and you want to meet me, I'll be there at the Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue booth!


  1. Very very interesting. I don't think this was a coinkydink. Ray Charles knew exactly what he was doing.

  2. Ray Charles should have pulled out all of the stuffed tongues...then they couldn't tattle on him!

  3. Hey, it's the Eskie Brigade! My mom loves Eskies, she says they have great smiles just like Huskies.

  4. Indy,
    HTHNBR should sell these guys as a special limited edition. I bet they would make tons of money off them.

    Have fun at the rescue event. I hope that one day we can meet at an event as I have friends that volunteer for HTHNBR.

  5. I like Althea's suggestion, and since people always feel bad for gimpy dogs, they'd feel really bad for gimpy stuffed dogs and buy them for a lot of money.

    If you'll hold on a moment, I can gather up some more gimpy things to sell at the event... just don't open the bags no matter how much they wiggle and scream.


  6. thank goodness for people like you - who care enough to do the right thing. enjoy the rescue event.

    here via michele's

  7. I have some gimped toys i could sell too...i have some with no legs and no faces and no tails and no heart..(squeekers)..tell ray charles he did a good job...but i agree it would have been better without that dang look very handsome at day care

  8. Ha! I love this story!

  9. Hey Indy, Ray really did that. It's pretty funny that he bites off the eyes only

    ~ fufu