Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm at School Today!

Sorry I haven't posted much lately, my mom has been really busy with "rescue stuff", so she has been hogging the 'puter. I hate that!

Anyway, I am at school today! My buddy Sebastian, the white Husky, is there today too! Here we both are.
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I was SO excited in the car on the way to school that I was talking up a storm, I even howled a little!
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You can watch us here.


  1. When I turned in, the truck was upside down. Who was driving when it had it's wreck?

  2. Hi Indy!

    I'm glad you had fun at school. Did ya learn anything? I just finished a whole week of school ALL DAY for 5 whole days so I could learn to "act right" as my mommy says. It was pretty fun, but the lady wouldn't let me pull her on our walks and that made me whine and cry. But I'm home now. I'm also posting again, so please check out my blog when you are not in school sometime ok?


  3. Hey, in the 2nd school picture, there is one doggie in a timeout. Poor guy. I wonder what he did!

  4. That doggie in time out prob'ly didn't talk nice with one of the smaller doggies...there's a german shep that does that at my dog school anyways...