Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What's New With Me

Well, I am at school today. I was so excited to get there! Usually I go on Tuesday and Thursdays, but mom was "running late" yesterday morning so she didn't take me. I was NOT happy about that!

Here I am with my buddies:

Thanks to those of you who have donated to help Emiko! This pup is so sweet and just loves everyone. He is having a blast playing with the other dogs at his foster home! Please forward the post about Emiko to dog lovers that you know. Every little bit helps!


  1. Hey Indy, you sure go to a lot of school. Does your mom take you anywhere else?

  2. Yes she does! I get to go to rescue events, my grandma's house to play with Amber, rides in the car, PetSmart. Last night my mom and dad went to evaluate a dog that needs a new home 'cause his family doesn't have time for him. He is a 9 month old Husky, just a puppy!

    My parents met him first and thought he was very sweet, so then they let us meet each other and play for a while to see what he was like with other dogs. We had fun, I didn't want to go home!

  3. I wish you got to come here and play with THIS Amber! :)
    Amber of the Ao4

  4. You sure do a lot of things Indy, but I think your mom needs to post more pictures of you doing your activities!